Palms to the Ground

Palms to the Ground

Specialising in the safe and efficient removal of palm trees
without damage to your garden. All green waste removed.

Palms to the Ground
Palms to the Ground

Based in Madison Street, Canning Vale, Western Australia
we will travel to most areas.

To discuss your requirements and for a
free quote and advice ring:

Graeme Hyde 0409-115-308

alternatively email me

Fully Insured - see Public Liability Insurance
see Workers Comp. Certificate

I am also prepared to quote on trees in hard-to-get-at
situations or difficult trees.

Stump grinding service also available.

  • Are you tired of constantly cleaning up under your palm trees?
  • Are the roots damaging fencing, pools and paving?
  • Where do those creatures live when they're not playing games in your roof at 2am?
  • Are you concerned about falling palm nuts & debris?

  • Palm trees are very thirsty. Maybe it is not the right tree for that spot!
  • Watch your garden improve after those palms go!
  • Innovative method of removal utilising a 20 metre reach crane truck. Both operators experienced and qualified.

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All trees and green waste are taken to a Green Waste Recycling plant and turned into mulch or potting mix.

ABN: 24 576 406 517

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